I've been working with Andy for almost two years. In that time we've put on three recitals together. He is a thoughtful musician, a brilliant collaborator, and a valued colleague. His careful approach to choosing repertoire and attention to detail in rehearsals are just part of what make him a joy to work with.

--Olivia, NYC-based cellist and frequent collaborator

I have been studying with Andy for about a year now. Although we have been working together for such a short period of time, I have benefited greatly from Andy's expertise in music. I went into my first lesson unsure of myself and my abilities as a musician. However, through Andy's encouragement and guidance. I have seen vast improvements in my playing and overall musicianship. Andy truly loves what he does, and it shows in his work. Every lesson Andy is always happy and eager to pass on his expertise. He is caring, genuine and passionate. And I would not be where I am today without Andy's mentorship and support.

--Benjamin, music major at UMass Amherst

Our six year-old son has been taking piano lessons with Andy for the past year.  Andy creates a fun, enthusiastic environment to learn not just the piano but the appreciation of music.  Our son looks forward to his lesson each week and always leaves Andy's class happy and proud of what he has learned.  We would give him our highest recommendation for anyone looking for a piano teacher for their child.  In the words of my 6 year old: "Andy is the best teacher because he is fun!"    


Andy is a great coach and role model. He always welcomes my son and makes him feel comfortable. My son is always surprised when he completes a music sequence after saying, "I can't do that." Somehow Andy encourages and motivates my son to do better than he believes he can...My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and has gained confidence in his musical abilities. I highly recommend Andy as a piano teacher.


Andrew was very diligent in identifying weaknesses in my piano playing and helping me correct these problems. Being very experienced in the educational and pedagogical setting, he is very effective in improving his students’ skills in piano playing. I feel I have gained a lot of confidence and comfortability in my playing over the year that I had him as my instructor.

--Ryan, music minor at UMass Amherst