I was trained as a collaborative pianist and vocal coach under the tutelage of Nadine Shank. I’ve coached a broad range of individuals, from professional opera singers with international careers, to college music majors preparing for recitals and auditions, to amateur musicians who perform special music at church. I’ve been an accompanist/coach at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Northampton Community Music School, Community Music School of Springfield, Smith College, Faith United Church in Springfield, MA, All Saints Lutheran Church in Auburn, WA, Second City Chamber Players YCP in Tacoma WA, and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

What is coaching and would I benefit from it?

Often when vocalists and instrumentalists are preparing for a performance, it is beneficial to have a coaching with an experienced pianist. In addition to practicing with the accompaniment, coaching is an opportunity to receive feedback and training on musicianship, phrasing, and diction.

Coachings are useful for professionals, serious amateurs, and advanced students. Singers regularly work with vocal coaches, in addition to voice teachers, to learn music for an opera role or an art-song recital. Instrumentalists often work with coaches to prepare for an audition, concerto, or other major performance.

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