Beginners and Intermediate Students

Lessons are individually designed according to each student's needs, abilities, and goals. Most beginning students benefit from an age-appropriate, pedagogically-sound method book. Method books move progressively and provide a structured approach to learning the fundamentals of music and piano. Since all individuals are different, there is no "universal" method that will work for everyone. At the first lesson, the student is interviewed to determine what method might be most effective for them.

Method books are used until the student has a strong handle on music and piano fundamentals: typically after 2 to 4 years of study, depending upon the student. At this point, the student will transition into repertoire. Repertoire consists of bigger pieces that the student works on for longer periods of time.  Repertoire is chosen according to the student's personal goals and interests, with consideration of their strength and weakness.

Throughout the course of lessons, method books and repertoire may be supplemented with additional material, including theory and technique exercises.